SCOTT SORENSEN used to spend his time gutting fish on the docks of Santa Cruz harbor before a chance encounter with a mysterious craigslist ad lead him to the steps of M5 Industries home to the pop-science juggernaut, MythBusters. He solidified his place on the team as the high speed camera operator, helping to take the scientific analysis to the next level. Over the course of his decade long tenure Scott became director of photography, adding his cinematic sensibilities to the final seasons of MythBusters. 

Since the original MythBusters wrapped, Scott has applied knowledge and skills learned from his years of filming explosions, sharks, and car wrecks to various television and commercial projects. He is prone to sudden fits of art direction and is a self diagnosed, borderline lighting designer. His interests include his 64' Ford Thunderbird, comic books, and butyl. 

Local 600 Director of Photography
Certified Abel Cine High Speed Operator + Consultant